Thursday, July 7, 2011

Boulder River ~ June 23rd 2011

We got rained on for a few brief periods while we hiked today....but how else would we know we were in Washington... : ) Boulder River is a really pretty, not too difficult hike. The whole hike is 8 miles round trip, but we just hiked to the waterfalls and back which is about 2.5 miles round trip and makes for a nice, easy hike.

Surprisingly, the parking lot was almost full when I got there this morning at 11:30am on a Thursday! We saw several other groups of people on the trail which is quite unusual for a chance of rain weekday.

There is a little elevation gain on your way to the falls but not enough to be too challenging...just enough to get your heart pumping a bit. There were quite a few muddy make sure to wear boots/shoes with good traction and ones that you don't mind getting dirty.

Here is the first small waterfall that I refer to as
"little trickle" :)

The big falls

Fungus pictures!

These little ones were just so cute!
Maidenhair fern
Tiny rosebud.....

Strawberry blossom...
And a very large slug...

It was about 6-8 inches long....
 And two silly boys....under the roots of a tree....

Happy trails...

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