Monday, June 18, 2012

Brightwater Center Hike - May 25, 2012

I had this hike on my bucket list and decided it would be a nice short hike that wouldn't be too far from home. Brightwater Center is a water treatment facility that opened to the public in September 2011. It has 3 miles of trails and 40 acres of natural habit to explore. There is an exhibit hall/education center to explore (make sure to check the hours if you plan to do this as well as the hike), and artwork to see.

Some of the trails have a little elevation gain, but most are fairly level and easy to walk. If you have younger children, or have trouble walking too far, this is the perfect hike for you! You can download a trail map from the website if you like, but the trails are well signed and have signboard maps along the way.

There is quite a variety of wildlife that you may see along the trails. We saw some birds and native plants.

I spotted one ripe Salmon Berry along the trail. First one I saw this year.

Lots of large, beautiful Thimble Berry Blossoms too.
This is a picture of Duck Pond.

My son taking advantage of one of many benches along the trail to tie his shoe.

We packed a lunch and ate on the benches at the top of Meadow Hill.

I have plans to come back to Brightwater Center for another hike, maybe this fall.

Happy trails!

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