Friday, March 29, 2013

Japanese Gulch ~ March 26, 2013

We went on a short hike at Japanese Gulch in Mukilteo this last week. Here is a link to a map of the trails at Japanese Gulch. I would take the time to look over it so you have a general idea of where you would like to go. The first time that we went on this trail, I brought a map along, but because the trails are not marked and there are a lot of branching trails it was hard to tell exactly which trail you were on.

We parked in the dog park parking lot and accessed the trail on the west side of the dog park. We hiked south and then came down into the gulch, crossed the creek and followed the trail along the railroad tracks north and came back up on the east side of the dog park parking lot.

There are some ups and down and elevation changes and lots of mud (I'd recommend waterproof hiking boots)! We went during the week and didn't see any bicycles, but the trails are used by both hikers and mountain bikers. I wouldn't recommend the trail for anyone that doesn't have good balance or is unsteady, as there are a few bridges and crossings that require some balancing. That said, this is another great, local hike! We probably went about 3-4 miles and enjoyed the nice sunny day.

Here are some picture highlights from the hike:

More favorite signs of spring, Salmonberry blossoms!

My son enjoying a nice seat on a tree
 It wouldn't be a hike without some fungus pictures!

A beautiful view of the water from the trail

Happy Spring trails to you!


  1. Hello! There's a group called the Japanese Gulch Group working with the city, county and state to preserve these very woods from becoming industrial buildings (as they're currently zoned). Google how you can help! Thanks for sharing this great post, I'm really fond of fungi in the gulch, too. :0)

    Kristin Kohorst

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