Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Narbeck Wetland Sanctuary

Narbeck Wetland Sanctuary is a great place for a short nature walk in town. We decided to make good use of a dry April day and get out for some fresh air and exercise!

There are about 2 miles of trails, with a variety of surfaces: gravel, dirt and boardwalks. There were a few wet and muddy spots, but overall the trail was in great shape! Do watch out for those irresponsible pet owners that have failed to pick up after their dogs. We saw several different kinds of ducks and geese as well as other birds. Interpretive signs along the trail tell about the wetlands and wildlife. If you keep your eyes open you will see trees that have been downed by beavers. We've never seen a beaver  (I think the kids are too loud). If you are never know, you may spot one!

There are benches scattered around to sit on and rest, but we like to eat our lunch at one spot near a pond that has a bench, logs and rocks that you can sit on.

Man-made cave/tunnel that you can walk on top of.

The only downfall is that that parking lot can be quite full because a lot of Boeing employees drive to the parking lot to smoke (The Boeing Company has a no-smoking on campus policy). If the parking lot is full, there is usually parking on the street though.

I loved the way these trees all grew around each other.

And I'll leave you with my of fungus.....happy trails!


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