Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lord Hill Regional Park

We decided to spend the day (Thursday the 21st of April) on the trails at Lord Hill Regional Park. This is a great place to get a good hike in close to home. It's a Snohomish County Park.

The park has over 6 miles of trails, with several viewpoints and ponds, as well as a trail leading to the Snohomish River.

The trail is used by hikers, bicyclists, and horses. There are two separate parking areas, one for hikers and one for equestrian traffic. It's a fairly large parking area for the hikers. When we arrived today at about 11:30 there was only one other vehicle in the parking lot. When we got back to the car at 3:45pm there were  8 more vehicles.

I would recommend printing a map from one of the links that I have above. There are quite a few trails and this will keep you on the trail that you want to be on!

We left the parking lot and headed across the boardwalks and then took a right on the 'main trail' and followed it to the view point off the first part of the pipeline cutoff trail. This was where we stopped for lunch. It was cloudy/partly sunny most of the hike....but we did get hailed on a little bit while we ate lunch. Lots of  beautiful views from this view point. We walked all the way around the top of the hill we were on and found more views from the other side.

After leaving the lookout we headed down the pipeline trail to the river loop and the river trail. Lots of mud and puddles, but lots of fun! After seeing the river, we headed back to the main trail and to the parking lot.

We also saw LOTS of White Fawn Lilies around the top of the hill at this view point.

We saw lots of beautiful Pink Corydalis:

As well as Pacific Bleeding Heart:

Not sure what these white flowers are, but they were pretty, I thought maybe it was Red Elderberry?

I will leave you with all my fungus favorite things.... :-)

I think that this is Orange Jelly 

Pretty sure that this is Black Jelly Roll

Happy Trails!

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