Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mt. Erie from Whistle Lake parking lot ~ June 4th 2011

This was the second time that I've hiked from the Whistle Lake parking area in the Anacortes Community Forest Lands. Last time we hiked around Whistle Lake and this time we made it to the top of Mt. Erie. Make sure to bring a map so the that you can plan the trails you will take....lots of trails here and it will be confusing without a map!
Mt Baker as seen from the top of Mt. Erie

Whistle Lake

Whistle Lake from the top of Mt. Erie - you can
see it behind the trees in the middle of the picture

At the top, having a snack

Here's my Dad's adorable dog Dakota, relaxing at the top

The weather was beautiful! There were about 10 cars in the parking lot when we arrived at about noon......there were a few more spots...but it isn't a huge lot. When we left after 5 pm....the lot was full and people were parking along the sides of the road.

We encountered a little mud on the trail, but it was mostly clear. On the way to Mt. Erie we followed 201 out of the parking lot, then onto 21, 207 and 216 all the way up to the top of Mt. Erie. We saw no one else on the trail until we were almost to the top. Once we got to the top it was crowded as usual with people who drove up.....not nearly as much fun as hiking up! The views were beautiful! On the way down we cut off onto 233 and then 204 and followed the lake back to 20 and to the parking lot. This section of trail around the lake was where we encountered a lot of people! We saw people jumping off of a tall rocky area into the lake as well as some teens that were skinny dipping....luckily they were in the water when we went by. We also encountered one motorbike on 20....this is the first one I have seen here in the ACFL's. It took us about 5 1/2 hours and we went approximately 6 miles


The kids having fun....

Taking a leap....

A picture frame tree... :)
Flowers that we saw...

A lily of some sort...

The first reddish salmon berry of the season

Western Coralroot orchids just coming up and starting to bloom....

Something in the pea family I think...

Another pic of the same plant...from a different angle...

Fungus pictures....

Happy trails....and loving the sun!


  1. We hiked around Whistle Lake that same day! How funny!

    I think your bluish lily is maybe camas?

  2. Great fungus collection! Yes, that blue flower is a camas.

  3. Thanks guys!

    That is funny's a small hiking world! :)

    Fungus pics are my favorite!