Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Old Sauk River Trail ~ June 9th 2011

It was a cooler cloudy day on our hike at the Old Sauk River Trail. Plenty of parking at the trailhead and we were the only ones there (aside from one ranger and one work party vehicle) at 11:30am when we arrived. The trail is nice and level with not much elevation change. Pretty views of the river and forest along the way.

There were several work parties on the trail doing repairs to the trail and building new bridges.

One of the work crews hard at work making a new log bridge.

Crossing the older bridge, next to the crew getting
a new one ready...

 The trail is about 3 miles one way. We hiked about 2 miles in before we turned around. The trail was in good condition as the work crews had already cleared all of the fallen trees off of the trail. A few muddy spots along the trail, but they were few and far between.

A lovely, fat slug....

A little harder to see...but a toad that hopped across the trail
in front of us...
Plants along the trail....

I couldn't get the camera to focus as well as I would
have liked.....but I thought the seeds hanging from
this grass were really unique!

Western Coralroot Orchid

Thimble Berry blossom....I love Thimble berries, by the way....

Devil's Club...can't wait til it's in bloom...
I love it's spiky flowers....

This was the bottom of  the root ball on a tree that
had blown was a living wall of flowers and
ferns and things....and I though it was really pretty!
The picture below is closer up of the vegetation growing
on it.

The fungus pictures:

I think this may be tapioca slime mold or brefeldia maxima

I can just imagine a small forest fairy has this
lovely mushroom as sun shade outside her
home... :)

Happy trails.....

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  1. We really like this trail. Looks like you caught it at a good time for wildflowers!