Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fragrance Lake hike

We picked the warmest day of the year thus far to hike at Fragrance Lake (May 1st)! A lot of other people had the same idea and parking was hard to find and we saw quite a few people on the trail. Aside from that the sun was beautiful and it was a great hike!

Fragrance Lake
There is minimal parking at the main trailhead....room for less than 10 cars. There is also parking along Chuckanut Drive, if you park here, be careful as the road is busy and the shoulders are narrow. You can park at the Clayton Beach Trailhead as well. This parking lot also has a bathroom. You can pick up the Fragrance Lake trail by following the Interurban Trail.
The waterfall along the fire road
We got warmed up a little on the hike up. The route we took up was the hiker only trail with switch backs and an elevation gain of about 1000 feet in a little over 2 miles. We encountered some mud and water along the trail, but it wasn't that bad. We ate our lunch by the lake and took the trail around the lake  afterward before we headed back via the old fire access road (the junction is about 1/4 mile before reaching the lake). This way is a little bit longer than the trip up....but is more of a gradual decline and provides a change in scenery, some slight views of the ocean, as well as a small waterfall on the way down.The fire road takes you right into the Clayton Beach Trailhead Parking lot.

I saw this one mushroom....It looks like maybe a Chanterelle? 

This tree was split in the middle...great for
trying to climb into...

I love violets!
Here are my fungus pictures:

Views from the hike around Fragrance Lake

Friends having fun.....

On the way down the fire road we came across some really
neat cairns.....

Happy trails! I need to finish four more hikes that we've done....I need to make them shorter or I will never get done! Until next time....

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