Saturday, May 21, 2011

Whistle Lake Trail report ~ Mother's Day ~ May 8, 2011

We decided to spend Mother's Day hiking! We have been to Little Cranberry Lake in the Anacortes Community Forest Lands....but had never been to Whistle Lake.  I would definitely bring or print a map as there are way too many trails to navigate without one!

I think this is Mt. Erie...there are trails that
take you up to Mt. Erie here too!

Whistle Lake

My husband with Whistle Lake in the

We hiked all the way around Whistle Lake and Toot Swamp and back to the parking lot. There were muddy areas and puddles, but we traversed them all! Miles and miles of trails here...I think it would be quite a while before you got bored with all of them! We will definitely come back here again!

Indian Paintbrush

White Fawn Lily

Wild Strawberries blooming

A patch of Indian Paintbrush and White Fawn Lilies

Here is that mysterious plant that I saw at
Fragrance Lake...I wish it was a little
further along in it's growth..
A spider ~ happy in it's web

Cute slugs.... :-)

This slug was looking kind of twisty...
Here are my fungus pictures:

The view from a spot where we stopped
to rest

One of many boardwalks and bridges.....

My crazy tree climbing kids!
Happy trails....

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