Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Barclay Lake Trail ~ August 18th 2011

This is a nice easy hike, with a rewarding destination! Barclay Lake and views of Baring Mountain greet you after a little over 2 miles of walking and 225 feet of elevation gain. The drive up the forest road is beautiful as well. We encountered a fairly full parking area when we arrived at 11:30am on a Thursday. The trail was in great shape and the weather was mild.

Barclay Lake

Baring Mountain
My kids have some favorite things along this trail. This hollow log for starters. I think we have 3 consecutive years worth of pictures in it! :)

This bridge is a great place for racing sticks or pieces of bark down the creek.

They get their exercise lifting all these heavy rocks along the trail. ;-)

Climbing on all kind of logs and stumps.

Here are my flower and fungus pictures:

A shot from the hike back.
I think this is Merchant Peak - peeking out of the clouds.

I just had to take a picture of this perfectly formed capital A.

I snapped a picture of this butterfly while we were waiting to start hiking. It held nice and still for me!

Happy trails.

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