Thursday, September 8, 2011

Langus Riverfront Trail ~ August 25th 2011

The Langus Riverfront Trail is the trail that is the closest to my house. It's a great paved trail and can be used for lots of different things! You could walk/hike on it, pick blackberries (in season), ride your bike or run/jog on the trail. We went for a walk with some homeschool friends. We walked the whole Langus loop and then crossed over to Spencer Island which is a more traditional dirt and rock trail and walked most of the loop there. When you cross the bridge to Spencer Island you come to a T. If you go left you head to the side where hunting is allowed seasonally. To the right is the nature preserve. There are portable toilets and picnic tables here in case you need them.

The bridge that takes you to Spencer Island

A little more than 1/2 way around the Spencer Island loop, we stopped as the trail was getting a bit overgrown. We turned back and continued the way we had come from. Lots of blackberries on Spencer Island! We ate some and I made plans to come back and pick more the following week! Check out what I baked with some of the blackberries I picked.

The trails are in great shape with the exception of the overgrown part on Spencer Island. I have been thinking about going back with my pruners to see if I can make the rest of the loop more accessible. If you do both trails the round trip distance is about 5.5 miles. The paved Langus Trail is about 3 miles long and the Spencer Island loop is about 2.5. No elevation gain on either trail. I usually park in the main parking lot of the Langus Riverfront Park and walk South to get to the loop trail which begins just underneath the I-5 overpass.

Flower, berry and critter pictures:

Caterpillar in a cocoon

Lots of grasshoppers out and about

View from the trail
Happy trails!

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