Monday, September 5, 2011

Lake Twenty Two Trail ~ August 4th 2011

I decided after hiking this trail for the second time, that Lake Twenty Two is one of my favorite trails! It was a gorgeous day and not too hot. The parking lot had quite a few cars in it when I arrived about noon, although there was still plenty of spaces left.

Lake Twenty Two from the far side.

Lake Twenty Two as you approach on the trail.

The trail was in good condition. We ran across others along the trail, but it wasn't crowded. This is a beautiful, very popular hike, so I wasn't surprised. I would recommend  trying this on a weekday late in the summer if you are able! The trail is almost 5 1/2 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 1350 feet.

The kids trying to play in the snow.

On top of the world.

The kids were thrilled by the snow around the lake and we spent quite a bit of time watching them play in the snow, climb boulders and play in the lake. We walked all the way around the lake. Part of the trail was still covered with snow so we had to walk around in parts and we stayed to the edges of the snow to avoid falling through.

Lots of wildflowers blooming and some fungus as well. :)


I love this one. Not sure what it is though.

Yellow violets

Blue violets of some sort

False Indian Hellebore

Devil's Club


Bleeding Heart

The meadow area around the lake was so pretty and very wet as well!

Some of the standing water around the lake had an oily sheen on top that
broke up when we touched the surface of the water with a stick.
Waterfall from the snow melt.

The trail around the back of the lake.
Happy trails!

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